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New Track!! + News

2017-10-15 01:06:42 by ThaPredator

Yikes! Here's the sequel of Jungle Temple!!!

Part 1:


-Working on NEW Album, +20 tracks, some tracks are exclusive to the album!

-Streaming on Twitch SOON!!!

-Brand new Gameplays Channel on Youtube, I'll begin uploading stuff SOON!!!


Ly <3

The End

2017-08-27 14:54:21 by ThaPredator

So... I didnt made it to the quarterfinals on NGADM 17, but I don't feel bad, its super cool that a guy like me just made it to the best 16 from 200+ participants, I just wanted to say thank you, specially to @Chrononomad and @TaintedLogic you guys are the best <3 Also, best of luck to @McGorilla42 , thanks for the inspiration and great tracks @Johnfn , thanks for the awesomeness and close calls @Ceevro and @Mrkooltrix , and finally, thanks for everything my 47 fans!! See ya next year NGADM, lets see what you got next time ;)



Today is my birthday! An honor to be participating in the NGADM, and to be working on the OST of Rúnemons! Today I turn 16, and more awesome tracks are coming in the future! :D   Enjoy!!                                                                                                                                                 



Made it!!!

2017-08-08 16:40:00 by ThaPredator

Made it to the Round of 16 on the NGADM 17, good luck to my new competitor @McGorilla42 he is an awesome musician, check out his incredible work!

Thanks for everything! Love ya <3


2017-07-14 14:23:39 by ThaPredator

Thank you for 40 followers, its not that much to some people, but to me... it means a lot!! Love you guys <3

Go and check out my submission to the NGADM Round of 64!


And yay! I made it to the Round of 64! I never thought I will be able to make it this far, wish me luck :P


2017-05-28 17:29:56 by ThaPredator

Im having two new brothers in two weeks!! Let's celebrate! Yass


2017-05-17 00:18:37 by ThaPredator

New track out!


Youtube link later :P


2017-04-28 22:13:03 by ThaPredator

New DnB track out! 


Download: … Be sure to like it!

News (Again)

2017-04-26 22:52:50 by ThaPredator

I finally finished another song between my contract work, its the song called "Run or Die" from the video "What should I upload?"

Well, this track is going to be my entry to the NGADM, lets hope I can get in :D


It took me 13 hours to make this... and adding the hours of contract work, this took me around 2 weeks to actually finish it entirely.


3 minutes of Breaks with DnB, on friday maybe :)