My birthday + Surprise track!

2017-08-10 07:02:57 by ThaPredator

Today is my birthday! An honor to be participating in the NGADM, and to be working on the OST of Rúnemons! Today I turn 16, and more awesome tracks are coming in the future! :D   Enjoy!!                                                                                                                                                 




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2017-08-10 07:13:07

Happy Birthday m8!

ThaPredator responds:

Thank you!! :D


2017-08-10 08:02:24

Happy Birthday ThaPredator (make it an awesome day okay ;) )

ThaPredator responds:

Thank you!!! I appreciate it :)


2017-08-10 08:29:33

Happy birthday Thapredator!!!!! Have an awesome day

ThaPredator responds:

Thank you! I will ^^


2017-08-10 09:33:17

Heya! Happy Birthday ThaPredator! I hope you enjoy another year of life!
Get more and keep out the awesome work! :D


ThaPredator responds:

I will enjoy it! Thank you!


2017-08-10 10:24:34

Happy Birthday, ThaPredator! Many happy returns.

ThaPredator responds:

Thank you m8 ^^