The End

2017-08-27 14:54:21 by ThaPredator

So... I didnt made it to the quarterfinals on NGADM 17, but I don't feel bad, its super cool that a guy like me just made it to the best 16 from 200+ participants, I just wanted to say thank you, specially to @Chrononomad and @TaintedLogic you guys are the best <3 Also, best of luck to @McGorilla42 , thanks for the inspiration and great tracks @Johnfn , thanks for the awesomeness and close calls @Ceevro and @Mrkooltrix , and finally, thanks for everything my 47 fans!! See ya next year NGADM, lets see what you got next time ;)




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2017-08-27 15:18:38

unlucky seeding i think, you had a great track!

come hang out with us on chips, we do some competitions and stuff and we'd love to have you =D


ThaPredator responds:

Yeah, I was a great competiton! I just registered, cant wait to show the world my music :)


2017-08-27 15:25:21

you did really great :)

ThaPredator responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate it!


2017-08-27 15:35:20

I'll get you next time, my pretty!

ThaPredator responds:

Haha, I hope we pair up next time! You did a great job in your track, close call!!!


2017-08-27 15:46:22

Each ending is but another beginning...

ThaPredator responds:

It is, thanks for everything, I had a lot of fun!


2017-08-27 15:50:58

Thanks for playing, man! Personally, I love your style. Hope to see you around next year. ;)

ThaPredator responds:

You will! Thanks for everything, it makes me improve a lot :3


2017-08-27 16:51:58

Hey, man. It was a really great round and the fact that you scored 9.0 is phenomenal. I know I shouldn't keep referring to your age, but hot damn -- you're are truly talented, and you're only 16 (by a couple of weeks! By the time you're my age I'm terrified to think of what incredible music you'll be making! I'll definitely be following you as long as you upload music here (and hopefully beyond).

Keep well :)

ThaPredator responds:

Ikr! Thank you! I just cant believe I made it to round of 16, it amazing. I need more preparation, to improve a lot, I will never stop sharing my music man that for sure :)

Best of luck in the quarterfinals! Take care :3

Love your tracks!


2017-08-27 21:52:50

Dude thanks for bringing in the Waterflame vibes we enjoyed them over at my channel

We should chat more

ThaPredator responds:

Thanks to you for listening my music! I love your style too, its so unique. We def. need to!


2017-08-27 22:31:19

Well, like I said, if you find you wanna collab, let me know! I'm sure we'd come up with some interesting stuff!


2017-08-28 04:15:16

It's been fun. :D You're welcome, ThaPredator. :)


2017-08-29 15:49:56

Thats a shame... but there is always next year, to be honest making it to the top 16 is still quite the accomplishment! ;)