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Haha it was funny! Great job :)

Brick-Productions responds:

Thanks for watching and for the positive feedback!!
Be sure to catch the last sode of Sketchy tomorrow!

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Awesome! Great job :D

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This is honestly the best orquestral piece I’ve heard here on Newgrounds. So... tranquility style! I was wondering which vst plugin/anything musical you used for this? You nailed it, great job.

Everratic responds:

That's a really great compliment! :O

The vsts are:
Piano - Walker 1955 Concert D
Joshua Bell Violin

I think this violin is a must-have. It's super easy to use, sounds good out of the box, and gives you all sorts of articulations and styles. This piano is good but not spectacular.

Thanks for the review!

Its a bit, weird. In my opinion. But hey, this isnt bad for a first track! I would suggest changing the drum sounds completely, also, eq them so they dont sound to noisy/harsh on your ears. Also, you can use a compressor so they wont lower the volume on the other instruments.

The "pad" you used in the song sounds good to me, brings the adequate vibes to the song itself, but it sounds so distorted, I wont complaint a lot on this one since its really good on the song... I will only recommend maybe the use of a reverb? Just to make a better atmosphere...

The melodies you used are well constructed through out the song, nice one there.

Overall, nice job man, BUT you need to get better in production, I'll scout you and I hope to see better stuff from you in the future!

3.5 / 5

Spelunky-Gaming responds:

Yo, Thanks For The Feedback! I’ll Definitely Take This Into Account.

I really enjoyed this song, the vocals shouts are great (personally, I really enjoy those). But I think it gets a bit too repetitive for me (maybe im not used a lot to this genre?). A thing I want to point out is the type of kick-drum and snare, I really dont think the ones you used here are too "good" for the track, maybe they sound a bit to generic? Also they need to be eq a little bit, on my ears. But yeah overall, 4 / 5. Nice work, keep at it!

I'll scout you, I hope to see better tracks from you in the future :D

PhorHead responds:

Thank you so much man! This song has been out for a bit on other platforms, I'm just starting to upload them here, and I assure you that the tunes get better

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This is awesome! Great job.

Freelance videogame composer. I've made music for Ervo's Adventure, TAWBS and Hyperstack. Contact me on my mail: thapredatormusic@hotmail.com


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